A community of NFT traders supercharged by premium tools.

About Us

We are a society made up of NFT traders and investors who work together to get the best out of every moment in the NFT market. To enhance the experience of our members, we create advanced NFT trading tools and provide a gamified NFT trading ecosystem for their benefit & enjoyment.


Sleep Token

Each Sleepy Sniper Society NFT generates 10 $SLEEP per day for its holder. $SLEEP is the utility token of our gamified trading ecosystem, and you can use it to create a guild, enter events/tournaments, challenge others in the community, win real-world prizes & more.

Guild Play

The Tools

Rule-Based Sniping

Holders can use this functionality to create rules for buying specific NFTs under specific conditions. Once the rules are defined, our software will monitor the collections in question for matches, taking action automatically if a match is found.

Profit Reports

This toolkit feature allows members to quickly assess the efficacy of their trading strategies. Holders can track their NFT net worth over time and see which rules or collections they've profited from the most.

The Vault

The Vault is an easily digestible dashboard that displays recent information about your NFT portfolio. It comes packed with extra features such as a sharable NFT showroom and price goal alerts.

Wallet Explorer

The Wallet Explorer is a research tool that allows holders to acquire insights into any wallet. It provides detailed analytics on trading behavior, current holdings, and the profitability of past transactions.

Collection Research

The Collection Research tool provides NFT collection statistics beyond publicly available indicators like trading volume, change in floor price, etc. These advanced metrics help our holders execute their trading strategies with greater precision.

AI Trading Insights

Our AI Trading Insights software attempts to predict the relative value of items in a collection. It also builds a set of rules that reflect potential opportunities if the AI system identifies differences between the collection and its internal valuation.

The Collection


Phase 1


We begin development by laying the foundation of our software suite. We’ll launch $SLEEP and create The Vault and Profit Reports tools.

Phase 2


The SSS team will begin the development of our complementary faction, guild, and league division systems as well as Social Profiles for holders.

Phase 3


We will release our Rule-Based Sniping, Wallet Explorer, and Collection Research tools to holders, fleshing out our software suite.

Phase 4


The SSS team will develop and release a matching mobile application so holders can use our suite of software tools on the go.

Phase 5


We will develop a proprietary machine-learning model which attempts to predict the relative value of NFTs in a given collection.

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The Sleepy Sniper Society is a group of NFT traders & investors collaborating to maximize their collective success in the NFT market. Our goal is to assist our members in executing their trading strategy, even in their sleep.

The Sleepy Sniper Society NFT grants its holder a large number of benefits. It allows the holder access to a suite of advanced trading tools, entry to our premier events & tournaments to win prizes, and passive $SLEEP token generation.

Each Sleepy Sniper Society NFT will cost .09 ETH (+ gas).

There will be 5,000 Sleepy Sniper Society NFTs.

The NFT presale is July 8th at 4pm EST. You can get Whitelist access to the presale by keeping updated on our discord and twitter.

The Sleepy Sniper Society toolkit will begin development on the Ethereum Blockchain. For the time being, the platform will only support Ethereum wallets and NFTs. However, we may add support for other blockchains in the future.

All future mint details will be announced in our discord. Please join us here, checking the 🔗│official-links and 📢│announcements channels for more information.

To start, our software suite has six core tools, each of which has many additional settings and features. We will announce future tools for development as we progress through the roadmap.

Ownership and commercial usage rights are given to you, the owner of a Sleepy Sniper Society NFT. We are giving licensing rights to the holders. However, this does not apply to our logo, names, website images, or other marketing materials owned by the Sleepy Sniper Society team.

Join the Community

The Sleepy Sniper Society team is excited to create the world’s best ecosystem for NFT trading with premium tools, events, and prizes for our amazing community to enjoy and thrive in.